Fund the ICH/CTS, Not ill-advised Cabins

Originally posted Dec. 28, 2021

At the Kingston City Council meeting on November 16-17, two decisions were made regarding housing/homelessness in Kingston. One was the approval of the Our Livable Solutions sleeping cabin pilot project, at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. The other, the approval of funding for the Integrated Care Hub & Consumption and Treatment Services Centre (ICH/CTS) through April 1, 2022, with a condition of the evaluation of ICH/CTS service provision.

The Katarokwi Union of Tenants prioritizes precise, long term analysis of all issues surrounding housing and homelessness, along with an understanding of how decisions on these issues are made by elected representatives. We believe in the necessity of an informed community for addressing the ongoing housing and homelessness crises. By shining light on how these City Council decisions were made, we will show how their consequences diverge from our ultimate goal: making Kingston’s neighbourhoods more affordable, equitable, just, and accessible for the working class and marginalized/dispossessed peoples.